Sales teams: increase your sdr tenure

Sales development reps are a vital part of any sales team, but they can be difficult to keep around for the long haul. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to make sure your sdr tenure is as long as possible. With the right tools and training, your sales team will be able to hit their goals and keep your sdr’s around for the long haul!

At Salescout we believe that a large part of this tenure problem is the data, and the tools given to sales development reps to execute a message to this data (contacts).

Start with the data. If your B2B Data quality does not include phone numbers, then you’re instantly confining an SDR to sit behind a desk and send emails, a channel that is losing ground as a predominate method of communication in many businesses)

Leaving the SDR to do one of two things – reach out to the prospect on email and hope for a reply (around 2%) and hope for an email signature volunteering the information, or foregoing the email altogether an reaching out on Linkedin in hopes that will cut through the noise.

Giving SDR’s tools that truly use multiple channels in a single solution, while providing a single user experience for all conversations across all channels is ideal. 

Being able to dial prospects directly from the platform using a soft phone, being able to select the outcome of the call and move onto thje next call in fast fashion is key to an SDR hitting their number, staying motivated that they can achieve the targets set out in front of them, and most importantly earn commission! keeps them coming back for more.

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