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We'll Drive The Leads So That You Can Close The Deals

We amplify the collaboration between marketing and sales teams by providing technology and humans to design, build and execute the best performing sales development and growth marketing strategies that generate leads.

Sales Development Platform

Multi-channel outreach through the Sale Scout platform that delivers more conversations to your sales team. Fully integrated with all CRM systems like Hubspot, Salesforce, and more.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Make the most of your LinkedIn Sales Navigator and fill your pipeline with warm leads. Sale Scout's LinkedIn service sends personalised outbound messaging to your target audience, 100% on autopilot.

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Our customers, from ASX listed public companies, to small business owners love to work with us

Scale top of funnel revenue

We design, build and execute pipelines of new revenue streams through sales development automation, continuous improvement and delivery and growth marketing as a service. 

Why Work With Us

Heavy Lifting

B2B Market Data and the ability to research, curate and validate this at scale is no easy thing and is extremely time consuming. Let us take the weight for you.

Voicemail Drops

Voicemail drops change the game for SDRs. Outreach at scale through automations turns outbound into inbound.

Linkedin Automation

Generate thousands of new connections, and conversations at scale on Autopilot.

Book More Appointments

Booking systems that work synchronise to your own preferences and availabilities while driving attendance and reducing no shows

Stories from Customers

Listen to our customer’s stories on the challenges they had on getting meetings, generating new leads and building an outbound team – and ultimately why they chose to partner with us.


"Building out our entire SDR team directly into Sale Scout meant we could deploy the fastest and most scalable automated sales development tool that anyone could learn, ensuring they were regularly making appointments and ultimately hitting their number!"
Audrey Nicholl - Proptech Group ASX:PTG
"Sale Scout isn't just our SDR execution platform, they are an extension of our growth team and we meet regularly to discuss our strategy and they're always bringing innovative suggestions, solutions and tools to the table ,all of which are usually already included in our subscription!"
James Xuereb
"I love coming out of meetings with really quality logos and messaging the SS team, thanking them. Its a wonderful feeling knowing that our top of funnel is always on, always running. They've get us talking to our market at better scale and cost than we could imagine"
Pat Carmody - EPT Global (ASX:ESX)
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